Note: any projects I put on this page are personal/freelance projects. I do quite a bit of interesting work at my day job but this is not a space for that.

Development Projects

  • To be up to date with the current trends I like to mess around with ChatGPT and OpenAI GPT-4. I have messed around with some prompt engineering and tried to get it to write unit tests.
  • Built a really sweet SSH syncing utility written in Go. Uses secure crypto to trade keys between computers (it's super cool). Requires a client and a server.
  • Portfolio Website (haha)
  • Start Page Website, simple but very practical
  • Developing websites in React (React, React Native, Gatsby) for personal projects/freelance, as well as Svelte (what this site and my Blog are written in)
  • Self-made blog made in VueJS 2 and Node.JS (has been replaced with a Svelte static site generated blog)

IT Projects

  • I recently expanded my home intranet to include a variety of different services for media consumption such as Plex. I also set up my own Certificate Authority using a Raspberry Pi as a Certificate Authority Server using Smallstep.
    • I created internal documentation for my intranet and also created a proper dashboard using Homer.
  • Set up a Pterodactyl instance for hosting game servers. Great tool to quickly spin up & manage game server instances.
  • Set up an email server for random things, utilized OpenGPG to find out how to send encrypted emails
  • I host all of my applications on a Digitalocean droplet. Self managed.
  • I deploy my apps using Drone CI.
  • I have set up a nice home network utilizing Ubiquiti hardware, separating my main network devices from smart home devices. VLANs, VPNs, network hardening, etc.

Misc (Technical Competency, Cybersecurity)

  • I have set up & used Arch Linux before, but I have now decided it is too much effort to maintain a functional OS for personal use
  • I've actively used all three main operating systems: Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Currently I'm using Windows with WSL 2, and a Fedora VM for any cybersecurity activities (like CTFs).
  • I've played some CTFs with Shellphish, although I'm not that good. My primary interests are web, crypto, and pwn. I also like network security.
  • My fastest typing speed record is 177 wpm. My normal typing speed is realistically around 150.